A Journey Of Empowerment In Zoranger Cooperative formation + argricultural + literacy = susainability

Where We Are Now

The tragic events of the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti drew us to help a people that were in great need. We walked with a tent community, Capvva, of displaced people who had only a few possessions and makeshift home out of tarp and sheet metal. Our efforts spanned from medical aid, food relief, education support, and micro-credit. When that chapter closed in summer 2014, as a result of U.N.-facilitated rent grants ($500) to the people there, we began to ask ‘What next?’ How do we make a sustainable impact in a country we’ve grown to love?

Our efforts in Capvva allowed us to recognize that Haiti doesn’t need relief, it needs true development. Haitians need to cultivate the land to grow crops that will feed their countrymen, instead of importing the majority of their daily subsistence from large farms in Arkansas and Iowa (which raises costs of living and continues to the cycle of poverty).

And so we’ve decided to partner with the Foundation for International Development Assistance (FIDA), and their working arm in Haiti productive cooperatives Haiti (pcH), to journey with the community of Zoranger, a rural community. just north of Port-au-Prince. Zoranger is a community that has been severely hampered by Haiti’s hurricanes over the years and lacks the infrastructure to that allows other communities opportunities for life advancement.

The project in Zornager will focus on three pillars: cooperative formation, agricultural/poultry enterprise development, and literacy training. Through these pillars, the aim is to significantly raise the people’s abilities to feed their families and provide resources to community services.